Posted on Aug 26, 2019

Studio 7 Conservation

Silver Gelatin Panoramic Photograph.
Duke of Glouster at Newtown Park - 18th December 1934.

This work was presented in its original frame with the framing label on the backing paper.
Most of my conservation work is to remove what has been added to an work in the form of backings, window mats, frames and at times framing glass that has adhered to the emulsion of photographs.
The framing in this case, although original is far from ideal but a product of its time, where the glass is pressed against the emulsion and is at risk of adhesion and damage. Also the nails used to secure the backing board have rusted and stained the primary paper support of the work.

On opening, it appears there has been some water damage and staining at the left had side of the print, causing losses of paper support and emulsion, along with surface soiling and dust from age and display in an unsealed frame.

The work has a straw board backing typical to this era of framing and once that is mechanically removed the work can be aquesously treated in reduce the water staining.
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